Submit Application Form Offline

  1. Dear Investor, the above options are specifically for the payment done thru RTGS/NEFT/Direct Payment offline (i.e. without our online webportal) and for the same the application form is not submitted to bank or not dispatched to RTI (Alankit - Delhi).
  2. Request you to use the above options to fill the application form with RTGS/NEFT/Direct Payment details to process the application for allotment of bonds.
  3. After filling the application form, request you to download and take a print for attesting the signatures of all applicants. Then use the above option to upload the application form duly signed by all applicants and KYC Documents into our portal.
  4. Kindly note, without submitting the application form the allotment of bonds will not be done. It will be kept on hold till the submition of application form to RTA (i.e. Alankit - Delhi).